About US

We are a mold remediation and environmental services company that believes in promoting a healthy living and working environment. Driven by the desire to provide safe and effective solutions to mold and atmospheric contaminants we turned to nature’s answer: plant enzymes & minerals.

Plant enzymes & minerals are nature’s way of combating air contaminants and creating an adverse environment for mold. Using a non-toxic blend of plant enzymes & minerals we are able to eliminate mold and promote a balanced environment that prevents future growth.

Our blend of plant enzymes & minerals has gone through extensive testing to insure it is effective. This blend also helps create a space free from air contaminants and allergens.

Like the families we serve, we are always  looking to find ways to keep our environments clean without harmful chemicals. Using our blend of plant enzymes & minerals, allows us to:

BIOrganic Mold Removal is based in Portland, Oregon where our team provides an upper hand against the ongoing battle with mold in the PNW.