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2- 4 hours

Approximately 2-4 hour job time

$1 / sq ft

We treat any space at $1 per square foot including air & ventilation. 

100% non-toxic

We use plant enzymes & minerals.

enzyme & mineral mold removal

adding millions of plant enzymes & minerals

BIOrganic Mold Removal uses an all-natural blend of plant enzymes & minerals, the best mold removal technology in the world. It is designed to eliminate mold while protecting your home from indoor air and surface contaminants. Biorganic Mold Removal’s plant based enzymes & minerals are a living guard against harmful allergens and contaminates long after the initial treatment.

Our Service

BIOrganic Mold Removal offers the most effective, non-toxic, and affordable way of removing mold while also creating an environment that is safe and healthy for you and your family.

Who We Are

We are no different from the families we serve, we are a company that desires to promote safe environments in which to grow and flourish. This has guided us to the use of plant enzymes and minerals to combat mold and also informs our methods to employ them. We believe plant enzymes and minerals are the best choice in the war against mold as they not only kill the spores but continue to protect against future resurgence. Read More

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