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Probiotic Mold Removal

The Healthy & Affordable Alternative to Conventional Mold Remediation

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We Use Probiotics

Probiotics are the most effective way of killing mold

Our Probiotics are the Most Effective Remedy against Mold!

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We Offer the Most Powerful Mold Removal Solution

Mold Remediation
Better. Affordable. Non-Toxic.

From $500 job minimum or $1 a sq/ft.
Working quickly with real estate professions to remove all mold to speed up your transaction.

Air-Quality Treatment
Powerful. Living. Refreshing.

From $400 job minimum or $.50 a sq/ft.
Mimicking mother natures microbiome by adding billions of healthy bacteria into your airspace..

Mold Testing
Confidence. Inside Look.

From $400 including 4 tests
All Testing is through EMSL Labs. 3 Samples are taken inside the home and compared to 1 outdoor sample.

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 Probiotics Kill Mold

Probiotics Destroy Mold

We have created the least invasive and most effective approach for eliminating mold. Our probiotcs are powered by millions of beneficial bacteria that target mold.


We offer an environmentally safe, non-toxic, solution with our plant-based, full-spectrum probiotic to create a healthy, balanced living environment.


We are in and out in approximately 1-2 hours

Mimicking Mother Nature

Why Probiotics?

Through mimicking mother natures microbiome we are able to provide the most effective mold remediation service using our propiotary blend of probiotics!

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1000+ Happy Customers
100% Environmentally safe
100% Environmentally Safe
1 - 2 hour job time
1 - 2 Hour Job Time
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Supports Local Business
Service Pricing

Service Pricing

Healthy doesn't have to be more expensive!

Mold Removal
// per sq ft
$500 Job Minimum
Job minimun up to 500 Sq Ft
1-2 hour job time
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Air-Quality Treatment
// per sq ft
$400 Job Minimum
Job minimun up to 800 Sq Ft
1-2 hour job time
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Mold Testing
// per 4 test
Includes 4 Test
Testing through EMSL Labs
1 hour job time
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Angela Tanaka

"Peter is awesome. The company is amazing. Great product is only the beginning. Talk about customer service at a very affordable price. While competitors would charge me an arm and a leg, Peter came to my house and gave me the best price. As a courtesy, he even went above and beyond and fixed something else in my attic. If you need attic mold removed, look no further, contact them. You will be very very happy customer."

// Home Owner
Alex Taylor

"These guys came in to my attic and fixed everything! They are wholesome, clean products and wonderful service. I HIGHLY recommend them!!"

// Home Owner
Blossoming Minds Preschool

"Great customer service, these guys are awesome, safe and reliable! They are the best for mold removal, always!
They did Blossoming Minds pre-k and we appreciate their services and highly recommend these two gentlemen to everyone!! We can’t wait to receive the health benefits!!
Thank you!"

// Preschool Owner
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Portland Oregon
Phone Number: (503) 433-2486

Frequently Asked Questions

What are molds?

With more than 100,000 species in the world, it is no wonder molds can be found everywhere.  Molds are microscopic organisms that digest organic matter.  These organisms are part of the fungi kingdom shared with mushrooms, yeast, and mildews.  In nature, mold plays a key role in decomposing leaves, wood, and other plant debris.  We wouldn’t have great foods and medicines, such as cheese and penicillin if it weren't for mold.  However, problems arise when mold starts digesting the organic materials we want, such as our homes.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are living safe and beneficial bacteria that improve and restore our gut flora.

How can I be exposed to mold?

When molds are disturbed, their spores are released into the air which you breathe.  If you directly handle moldy materials, you can be exposed to mold and mold spores through contact with your skin. Eating moldy foods or hand-to-mouth contact after handling moldy materials is yet another way you may be exposed.

How do our probiotics work?

Our proprietary blend of probiotics once administered to the entire air-space and all surfaces in the treated area, distributes a layer of healthy bacteria.  These healthy bacteria will immediately attack and destroy bad bacteria, molds, dust mites and other pathogens.  The newly arrived healthy bacteria will occupy the space and guard against unhealthy bacteria and pathogens from multiplying.

How can mold affect my health?

Mold toxicity can cause a myriad of symptoms: chronic inflammation, mitochondrial dysfunction, leaky gut, chronic pain, immune suppression.

Some of the most alarming symptoms of mold toxicity are related to the effects on the central nervous system and the brain. 

Brain fog, inability to concentrate, depression, difficulty sleeping, irritability, anxiety, and loss of executive function are all symptoms of mold toxicity.  Mycotoxins, chemicals released by molds can cause cellular mutations and inhibit protein and DNA synthesis.

If you have chronic fatigue, Brian fog, or reoccurring sinus infections, it’s likely you are being exposed to mycotoxins.  Studies have also shown that a significant number of dementia cases are actually caused by chronic mold exposure.

What are symptoms of mold exposure?

Headache, Fatigue, Asthma, Nausea, Memory loss, Irritation of eyes, throat, nose, and lungs, Kidney failure, Acute Idopathic palmonary hemorrhage, Increased lower respiratory illness, Viral infections in children.

If you or your family members have health problems that you suspect are caused by exposure to mold, you should consult with your physician.

How do molds grow in my home?

Once mold spores settle in your home, they need moisture to begin growing and digesting whatever they're growing on.  There are molds that can grow on wood, ceiling tiles, wallpaper, paints, carpet, sheet rock, and insulation.  When excess moisture or water builds up in your home from say, high humidity, or leaking, conditions are often ideal for molds.  Longstanding moisture or high humidity conditions cause mold growth.  The way to control mold growth is to control moisture and counteract mold with powerful enzymes that protect organic matter.

How do I know if I have a mold problem?

You may have seen white thread-like growths or clusters of small black specks along your damp bathroom or basement walls, or smelled a “musty” odor.  Seeing and smelling mold is a good indication that you have a mold problem.  However, you cannot always rely upon your senses to locate molds.  Hidden mold can be growing behind wall coverings or ceiling tiles.  Common places to find mold are in areas where water has damaged building materials and furnishings perhaps from flooding or plumbing leaks.

Mold can also be found growing along walls where warm moist air condenses on cooler wall surfaces, such as inside cold exterior walls, behind dressers, headboards, and in closets where articles are stored against walls.  Rooms with both high water usage and humidity, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements are often havens for mold.  If you notice mold or know of water damaged areas in your home, it is time to take action to control its growth.

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Who We Are

Portland, Oregon

We are proud to say that Portland, Oregon is home to Biorganic Mold Removal.  Established in the Alphabet district, we are minutes away from Portland and the greater area.

Peter Peśek
Headshot of Peter Peśek.
Founder of Biorganic Mold Removal, Peter can often be spotted playing tennis in the Rose Gardens or catching a Timbers game.  With over 15 years of experience in real-estate, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the company.

We are a mold remediation and environmental services company that believes in promoting a healthy living and working environment.  Driven by the desire to provide safe and effective solutions to mold and atmospheric contaminants we turned to nature’s answer: probiotics.

Probiotics are nature’s way of combating air contaminants and creating an adverse environment for mold.  Using a non-toxic blend we are able to eliminate mold and promote a balanced environment that combats future growth.

Our blend of probiotics has gone through extensive testing to insure is effectiveness.  Our blend also helps create a space free from air contaminants and allergens.

Like the families we serve, we are always looking to find ways to keep our environments clean without harmful chemicals.

BIOrganic Mold Removal's team provides an upper hand against the ongoing battle with mold and atmospheric contamination.