Before the creation of industrial cleaning agents and HEPA filters, we used natural cleaners like, citrus, infused herbs, salts and beeswax candles to keep our air pure and homes clean. The homes we built were not air tight, allowing fresh air to circulate.  

Consider that in 1945 Americans grew 45% of their food in their backyards. That number has fallen now to 0.1%. Ninety nine percent of Americans are missing out on putting their hands in bacterial rich soil that strengthens their microbiome.

We believe nature knows best and when in nature one cannot avoid coming into contact with healthy bacteria.

Your Home Biome

So what is Home Biome anyways?  

Well a biome, in this case a microbiome (tiny biome), is a group of living organisms hanging out together. 

Basically everything has a biome! 

The home biome is just like our gut biome or any other living environment and it’s biome. 

Zach Bush MD says it this way. “The microbiome has now come to be seen as the foundation of human life, health, and most interesting to me - human consciousness itself.”

Just like our gut, our home’s microbiome is streaming with countless microbes that are needed to keep our home clean and our bodies healthy. That is why it is important for the appropriate balance to be present and nurtured in your home. 

The right balance of bacteria and fungi in your body is necessary for proper digestion and even mood stability. Your intestinal microbiome produces up to 90% of serotonin and 50% of dopamine that your brain uses.  The inhalation of both mycotoxins and disinfectants disrupts these processes and is why mold illness has such a myriad of symptoms. Your internal microbial is greatly affected by the biome of the air in your home. 

When your gut biome becomes sterile, food allergy symptoms spike. Your gut, your home, and any biome needs to be nurtured.  Eating organic foods, avoiding GMOs, pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics are ways you can protect your gut biome. Similarly, you can choose to avoid chemical cleaners and instead use healthy, more natural ways to clean your home. 

Nurture Your Home Biome

There are plenty of ways you can nurture your home biome!

In circumstances of severe mold outbreaks, some might think it’s necessary to use an antimicrobial solution. If you choose to use an antimicrobial solution, it is very important to re-establish the homes biome through the introduction of healthy bacteria.  

However, antibacterial cleaners can be completely avoided, even in the case of a severe mold outbreak.  

Instead of using disinfectants to sterilize your environment, we simply introduce billions of healthy bacteria!

Our proprietary blend of probiotics allows us to quickly destroy mold, mold mycotoxins, dust mites, and other pathogens.  

No sterilization is needed!

What Is "Clean" ?

Instead of creating an overly “clean” - sterile environment, we can adopt a better definition of “clean”.  Maybe one that includes the lives of the little microbes that we are just now discovering have a huge impact on our health.  

Dirt is clean.  Well, dirt is full of living microbes that Zach Bush MD says are the foundation of human life and consciousness.  

I’m not saying you should move outdoors or that you should bathe in mud everyday. Try adding organic house plants or taking your shoes off in the back yard.  Maybe, try your hands at a vegetable garden. 

What’s important is that you know what an imbalanced microbiome looks like in your home and what you need to do to re-establish balance.


The symptoms are pointing you to the deeper problem: an unbalanced microbiome. Before seeing a serious unbalance like mold, you might notice more subtle symptoms such as musty odors, stale or wet environments, excess moisture around windows and showers.  

If you have chronic fatigue, brain fog, or reoccurring sinus infections, it’s likely you are being exposed to mold mycotoxins. 

Ultimately, moisture is what leads to a serious bacterial imbalance.  

You can nurture your home biome by eliminating excess moisture, choosing natural cleaners, and introducing more healthy bacteria into your home.  

If you have an inkling that mold is affecting your home, a great place to start is with a mold test.  

When a serious bacterial imbalance occurs it is time to find the cause, fix it, and then reintroduce billions of friendly bacteria.  

How Can We Help?

The good new is: that’s just what we do!

We employ billions of nature’s healthy bacteria to eliminate harmful bacteria, mold mycotoxins, and other pathogens that pose a risk to your health.  

Our proprietary, plant-based, full-spectrum probiotic is unrivaled in its ability to eradicate mold and re-establish a lush home biome.